MeTA1 1.0.Alpha14.0

Last Update 2012-12-02
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MeTA1 Source Code

MeTA1 1.0.Alpha14.0 is available for testing. It enables basic DH support for STARTTLS in the SMTP server and modifies the behaviour of the scheduler if a limit for outgoing connections is reached. See below for details.

The source code distribution and the PGP signature are available at:


SHA1 (meta1-1.0.Alpha14.0.tar.gz) = 6b761837d74287c995ba28d81cef0085067556e9
SHA1 (meta1-1.0.Alpha14.0.tar.gz.sig) = d6e00e13d059eb0e3f268481037000b1b66ea4bd

Changes compared to MeTA1 1.0.Alpha13.0

MeTA1 Feedback

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