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Last Update 2010-12-27
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MeTA1: Mailing Lists

If you are interested in providing feedback or actively supporting the development of MeTA1, then please contact me at the address listed below. Note: please do not send mail in HTML format, use just plain text.

Please tell me why you are interested in MeTA1, what your possible contributions are, and how you want to participate. Please contact me only if you are serious and you can spend some time

There are many opportunities to help in the development of MeTA1. This can be in the area of design and specification as well as in the implementation. For example, MeTA1 has a map abstraction layer, but currently not many map implementation, e.g., LDAP. It would be nice if such code could be contributed.

MeTA1 Feedback

Please send feedback about MeTA1 to

< MeTA1 + feedback (at) MeTA1 . org >
(sorry for the obfuscation, replace (at) with @ and remove the spaces)
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