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Last Update 2010-12-01
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Here are some possible projects that would help MeTA1 gain more traction as they provide features that have (repeatedly) been asked for.

PMilter Multiplexor

The libpmilter library in MeTA1 only provides hooks for a single pmilter. The sendmail 8 milter implementation in contrast can interfact with multiple milters. This functionality can be provided via a PMilter Multiplexor which interacts on one side with the API provided by libpmilter and on the other side provides hooks for multiple pmilters. This has been implemented by Sergey Poznyakoff in his mailfromd software.

Milter Compatibility Layer

MeTA1's pmilter API is slightly different from sendmail 8's milter API, in some ways pmilter can be considered an enhanced version of milter, aka milter v2. To take advantage of the milters that have been written for sendmail 8, a compatibility layer should be provided that interacts with libpmilter on one side and on the other side provides the milter API. This functionality could be integrated into the PMilter Multiplexor.

LDAP Map Interface

MeTA1 provides a map API such that various map implementations can be hooked into the MTA. Currently implemented are Berkeley DB, a hash table, and a socketmap interface. OpenLDAP is one important map type that is not yet available. An implementation should take advantage of the fact that all requests come from a single process and hence can be made over a single connection. It must be able to efficiently deal with multiple outstanding requests, and it must also provide failover capabilities to talk with other LDAP servers in case the main server fails.


In some cases a border MTA has to translate internal domains/e-mail addresses into external domains/e-mail addresses and vice versa. This is usually called masquerading. It requires a generic facility to rewrite e-mail addresses, not just in the envelope but also in headers.

Your Proposal Here

There are many more things that can make MeTA1 a better (more useful, faster, more flexible, ...) MTA. Let me know about your idea(s) and how you want to implement them.


If you are interested in helping with MeTA1, please send mail to

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