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Last Update 2023-01-22
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MeTA1 Source Code

MeTA1 1.1.Alpha

(2022-09-25) 1.1.Alpha19.0 is available.
Note: there is an important patch for it (2023-01-22)

(2022-04-03) 1.1.Alpha18.0 is available.

(2022-02-19) 1.1.Alpha17.0 is available.

(2021-04-01) 1.1.Alpha16.0 is available.

(2020-06-23) 1.1.Alpha15.2 is available.
Note: If DANE is used, a patch for a possible DANE verification problem should be applied.

(2019-12-31) 1.1.Alpha14.1 is available

(2019-07-26) 1.1.Alpha13.0 is available

(2019-02-03) 1.1.Alpha12.0 is available

(2018-12-05) 1.1.Alpha11.0 is available

(2018-04-29) 1.1.Alpha10.0 is available

(2018-02-18) 1.1.Alpha9.0 is available

(2017-04-12) 1.1.Alpha8.0 is available

(2016-10-31) 1.1.Alpha7.0 is available

(2016-09-06) 1.1.Alpha6.0 is available

(2016-08-28) 1.1.Alpha5.0 is available

(2016-01-18) 1.1.Alpha4.0 is available

(2016-01-10) 1.1.Alpha3.0 is available

MeTA1 1.0

(2014-05-25) is available

MeTA1 1.0.Beta

(2014-04-22) 1.0.Beta1.0 is available


(2017-01-02) Allow more IP addresses to be looked up for a forward and reverse client check to avoid a false positive like this (shortened log entry):

smtps: func=ss_hdl_session, client_ip=, client_name=Hostname_No_Match
$ dig +short | wc
That's more than the previous limit, so based on the order of entries returned by DNS the forward/reverse lookup might miss a matching entry. You need to rebuild MeTA1 and install at least the new smar binary.

(2014-12-13) If SASL is enabled but pmilter is disabled then the AUTH parameter for the MAIL command was not recognized. A patch is available (PGP signature) for 1.1.Alpha0.0 and to fix this bug.

PGP Signature

Releases are signed with the MeTA1 signing key.


The MeTA1 README file is available in various formats:

MeTA1 Feedback

Please send feedback about MeTA1 to

< MeTA1 + feedback (at) MeTA1 . org >
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