MeTA1 1.1.Alpha11.0

Last Update 2020-06-23
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MeTA1 Source Code

MeTA1 1.1.Alpha11.0 is available for testing. It enables MeTA1 to be used on OpenBSD 6.4 and fixes several problems related to newer TLS libraries.

The source code distribution and the PGP signature are available at:


SHA256 (meta1-1.1.Alpha11.0.tar.gz) = fefc59c2e35707c09e5c9797b5e2d6c534aa06d8be9b71e1c3f8d7be5ed3ae2c
SHA256 (meta1-1.1.Alpha11.0.tar.gz.sig) = 50edac4fc59a39f19e5a7dd40851f882e624f51e13e69ff541370343d6582b33

Changes compared to MeTA1 1.1.Alpha10.0

MeTA1 Feedback

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