MeTA1 1.1.Alpha3.0

Last Update 2016-01-11
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MeTA1 Source Code

MeTA1 1.1.Alpha3.0 is available for testing. It enhances mcp to forcefully terminate a process if it seems to hang and adds more (still experimental) DANE support.

The source code distribution and the PGP signature are available at:


SHA1 (meta1-1.1.Alpha3.0.tar.gz) = fd62e5f8d0c34a71edfc83a4d96df70ae7884d39
SHA1 (meta1-1.1.Alpha3.0.tar.gz.sig) = eb34d06755c7f8b52074d6e3d768d7efbbc84351

Changes compared to MeTA1 1.1.Alpha2.0

MeTA1 Feedback

Please send feedback about MeTA1 to

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