MeTA1 1.1.Alpha15.2

Last Update 2022-07-08
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MeTA1 Source Code

MeTA1 1.1.Alpha15.2 is available for testing. This version mostly enhances support for TLSv1.3 and DANE, but also has many other changes and fixes as listed in the notes below.

The source code distribution and the PGP signature are available at:


SHA256 (meta1-1.1.Alpha15.2.tar.gz) = e8ccb9568af2016fd48ccde0a552070a5e95d63b32c4355470d43890396b2776
SHA256 (meta1-1.1.Alpha15.2.tar.gz.sig) = d87a821312acf9064d28adc46434c162203828dab56e4bf4bd628cd41d40486b

Changes compared to MeTA1 1.1.Alpha14.1

MeTA1 Feedback

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