MeTA1 1.1.Alpha19.0

Last Update 2023-01-22
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Regression in MeTA1 1.1.Alpha19.0


The enhancement to skip IP addresses of an MX server caused a regression: if a domain has multiple MX servers and the last one has multiple IPs and a transaction temporarily fails using one of those IPs then the transaction was never retried.

(2022-10-14) If an MX server has multiple IP addresses and the server temporarily rejects a message, then skip all its IP addresses and try the next MX (if available). Multiple IP addresses for the same MX will be only be tried if an SMTP session cannot be established.

A Patch is available.

MeTA1 Source Code

MeTA1 1.1.Alpha19.0 is available for testing. It enhances the handling of bad DNS data, and adds support for DANE TLSA 3-0-x types if SSL_CTX_dane_enable() is available.

The source code distribution and the PGP signature are available at:


SHA256 (meta1-1.1.Alpha19.0.tar.gz) = df179fd27d21a303acdc003a55a78109de91cba743ce74947724a0fdba8e119c
SHA256 (meta1-1.1.Alpha19.0.tar.gz.sig) = 4f2876230c7b89062ab918112b4cc183c08c5726a4c14961c2e54b88c88ebab2

Changes compared to MeTA1 1.1.Alpha18.0

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